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You get the advantage of our method of procuring goods

Central Trading Agency offers products from hundreds of the industry’s top manufacturers.
We supply not only the products you are currently purchasing but also source effectively any new or difficult requirement.

We utilize our vast database combined with our 20 years of procurement experience to choose the vendors that offer the best pricing and shortest lead time per each quote request. This method has produced very successful outcomes with the companies we support, saving them between 10 to 30% of the cost of goods purchased and transforming the procurement department into a profit center.

It is impossible to list thousands of brands that we carry. Here is a small sampling:

The difference we make

Unlike other distributors that have a specific line of products and are unable to deviate from their existing lines, we place no limit on what we are able to procure. If the product is available we will find it for you and get it delivered at a competitive price.

How does this benefit you?

Difficulty finding obsolete items? Vendors are unable to meet delivery schedules? Vendor has stringent minimum order requirements? or if you are loaded down with too many vendors for your one-off purchases and need to consolidate… We solve the vendor problems you face every day.

The discounts that our skilled procurement team can obtain on your everyday purchases, by working with multiple vendors, are passed on directly to you.

Our experience in sourcing makes the difference to help you stay competitive.

we source regularly

- Chemicals and Reagents
- Fuel additives
- Lubricants
- Anti-corrosives
- Cutting fluids
- Power generation supplies
- Greases
- Oils and paints
- Machine tools
- Material handling
- Containers and storage devices
- Vehicle motor and maintenance products
- Packing supplies

- Construction and building supplies
- Electrical systems and lighting
- Office supplies
- Janitorial and cleaning supplies
- Floor maintenance products
- Wiping cloths, microfiber cloths and mops
- Audio/visual supplies
- Furniture and furnishings
- Books
- Inks, marking and graphic supplies
- Welding supplies
- Piping and plumbing supplies
- Textiles and fabrics

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