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A Committed Procurement Partner to Fortune 500 Companies For Two Decades

CTA has a long history of reducing procurement expenses and improving procurement cycle times. We help companies reduce internal procurement expenses by up to 30% and expedite their entire procurement process.

We do this by leveraging our long-standing relationships with over 3,000 vendors worldwide, enabling us to find the most competitive pricing, and by providing expedited order delivery, which reduces manufacturing cycle times and boosts productivity.

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outsourcing advantages

By outsourcing their procurement process, companies can:

Maximize efficiency

Focus on core competencies for greater market share.

Boost competitiveness

Outsourcing is an essential strategy for remaining competitive.

Save money

Reduce overhead costs and save on commodity purchases through volume purchasing.

Gain time

Off-load the time burden of time-consuming tasks.

Hire once

Partner with one company and reduce cyclical staffing demands.

Increase stability

Increase long-term stability of procurement functions.

Outsource in the US


Outsource in the US

CTA provides a US-based procurement outsourcing service less expensive than outsourcing overseas. How? Our very low mark-up combined with our ability to negotiate low pricing within our existing supplier network allows companies to outsource their procurement needs without any additional overhead costs.


Years in




with vendors

Up to30%

Direct procurement

CTA’s expertise encompasses direct and indirect spend among a variety of industries that include Aerospace and Manufacturing.

Industries We Serve

Why outsource with us?

Customer service

We provide the reach and expertise of a large global organization with the attention and customer service of a family owned business.

Cost savings

CTA secures up to 30% in internal procurement savings by offering extremely competitive pricing strategies.

Global partnership

While we are proudly US owned and operated, we have over 3,000 partnerships which stretch globally.

Flawless order execution

CTA prides itself in accurately fulfilling and delivering 99.9% of all orders.

Just-in-time and expedited delivery

CTA ships just in time, reducing inventory levels and costs. We provide next-day delivery for Hot orders and Urgent orders at no additional cost.

No restrictions

We handle all order sizes, hard to find, low value and out of stock items other vendors give up on, and perform both routine orders and hot requests.


  • We return 95% of RFQs within two hours of receipt.
  • We provide direct support and a dedicated manager.
  • We don’t require a long-term contract or up-front investment.

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